Gene Oasis (GO) is a Singaporean registered business centred around Bird's Nest production and its proprietary technologies/Intellectual Property (IP), capitalising on translating opportunities from the bioscience and biomedical industries through its trademark patents and innovative research methods.

The GO group focuses its business and research predominantly on edible Bird's Nest (EBN) and stem cell technology, as well as the development of technology behind the extraction of natural and organic products.

What we believe in

To utilise our unrivalled expertise in the field of Bird's Nest and stem cell development to set benchmarks in the industry, constantly maintaining our high standards of quality, safety and reliability.


To emerge as an authority both on the bird's nest production and its proprietary technology fronts as well as in the realm of stem cell development, creating a reputation of being the leader in the innovation and production areas of bioscience, both in the region as well as on a global scale.

Core Values

The company is committed to its main core values which are central to its operation:


Our People

Our Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Lim Kah Meng (PhD, Biomedicine)

Apart from being a professor at both Tian Jin University (China) as well as Nanyang Technology University (Singapore), our Founder and CEO, Dr. Lim Kah Meng has achieved the following accolades during the span of his career:

Asia Pacific Brand Award (2014)
SME One Asia Prominent Award (2013)
Midas Touch Asia Enterprise Award (2013)
Spirit of Enterprise Award (2011)
Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World (Singapore) (2012)

Professor Lim has dedicated more than 17 years in the life sciences research field, including 2 years as research scientist at an A*Star funded research institute, which includes a post-doctorate attachment at the University of Minnesota, USA.

Our Co-Founder

Dr. Low Wong Kein

Our Co-Founder, Dr. Low Wong Kein, MBBS (Singapore), PhD (Singapore), FRCSG, FRCSEd, DLORCSEng, FAMS(ORL), GradDip (Acupuncture), has been an Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) specialist with 25 years of experience and specialises in treating ear disorders. He has also obtained the following qualifications during his illustrious career:

Adjunct Associate Professor at the NUS-Duke Graduate School
Visiting Consultant to Singapore General Hospital (SGH)
Director of the Centre of Hearing and Ear Implants
A nominee for National Outstanding Clinician in the inaugural National Medical Excellence Award (2008)
Visiting Specialist to KK Women's and Children's Hospital
Performed more than 500 cochlear implant surgeries including the first pediatric cochlear
Research findings and clinical experience (70 publications, mainly in international journals/books)
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in modern ENT practice (Diploma in Acupuncture)

He also served as:

A founding member of the ASEAN Academy of neurotology and Audiology
Director of Singhealth's ENT Residency Program
Chairman of Singapore's Specialist Training Committee
President of the Singapore Otorhinolaryngology Society
President of the Singapore Association for the Deaf

Our Partners

Capitalising on Gene Oasis’ Founder & Scientist’s proprietary technology inventions and its origins in Singapore, the Company hopes to apply modern biotechnological methods in a lucrative traditional business as well as to bring maximum value (safety and nutritional values) to consumers - a food delicacy, which is well established and well loved by Chinese all over the world. This will then translate to maximum economical returns to Singapore as well as for our Company’s Strategic & Operational Partners - its shareholders and stakeholders.