Transdermal Edible Bird's Nest (EBN)

Edible bird's nest contains specific active molecules that could help relieve joint pain. It is anti-inflammatory and has the ability to stimulate cartilage growth. Transdermal EBN will provide instant joy to pain sufferers, leveraging on its strength in transdermal delivery and absorption through the normally impassable skin barriers, via proprietary transdermal technologies and unique formulations.

Injectable Edible Bird's Nest (EBN)

Edible bird's nest contains very large Mucin molecules and large specific polypeptides that are great for firming skin. The global aesthetic market lacks a natural source of high tensile and yet with high water retention raw materials to make into effective beauty and aesthetic products. Our revolutionary injectable EBN stimulates skin stem cells to grow and at the same time provides the skin with the necessary natural materials to stay healthy, firm, moisturised and most importantly, acquire the ability of reverse ageing.


Cord stem cells/EBN are rich sources of cord stem cell extracts and EBN extracts. The unique combination that is formulated into our revolutionary product will make the latter 'the king of all kings' in the global health supplement industry. The international wellness world and the global consumers have already known of placental extracts or apple stem cells or edible bird nest as great natural health supplements but the heralded arrival of the combined formulation of cord stem cells (much more superior than placental or plant stem cell extracts) extracts together with EBN extracts will unite all the known immense and all-round wellness benefits of each of them stand alone.

Testing assays and certification standards for OEM Bird's Nest

Endorsed under the seal of Dr Bird's Nest, our convenient and smart assays provide instant detection of nitrites in swiftlet nest; instant screening of aromatic amino acids in genuine swiftlet nest; authentication and index quality profiling of swiftlet nest, based on algorithms/matrixes to match the profiles of specific peptide, carbohydrate and fatty acid related molecules.

(GO Physical-Smart-Removal Technology)

A specially designed suite of systems to increase productivity of washing and reduction of yield loss as well as the recovery of bird’s nest crumbs lost in the cleaning process. For large scale processing, this technology eliminates the need to use chemical and bleaching agents to remove unsavoury dark spots and dots, including very fine feathers, which could be prove tedious and time-consuming to remove using conventional methods.

(GO Chemical(Harmful)-Reduction Technology)

Nano-biotechnology with special automated systems based on biotechnology, using formulated recipes to remove harmful chemicals (both natural and artificial) and to provide a natural form of bird nests, retaining all its original benefits, including shape and smell.

(GO Microbes-Safe Packaging Technology)

Disinfection, drying and packaging technology formulated to keep packaged Bird’s Nests free of all germs and microbes. The GOMTTM business concept and initiative is a novel and unique first-mover advantage with Singapore Branding and strong support from the Singapore government.

Extraction of EBN and Stem Cord Cells

Method of extraction gives rise to the benefit that the extracted protein molecules are smaller and water soluble, which allows a quicker absorption of the proteins into our body, aiding in our immune system to combat infections and diseases.

Special Nutrition Retaining Formula for maintaining Bird's Nest Shape

Retaining the shape of the bird's nest apparently helps to preserve the nutritional value of the bird's nest as well as to improve the storage period in the bottled nest form, leading to a longer shelf life.

Special Formula for Bottling Whole-piece House Bird's Nest

Enabling a whole-piece house bird's nest to be resistant to high boiling temperature during the bottling process. Again, this aids in prolonging the shelf life of the bottled nest.