Products & Services

Some of the products and services developed under our proprietary technologies and/or methodologies - showcased with the kind permission of their respective brand owners.

Yupinzhen (御品珍)

Prepared at Singapore's first and only dried bird's nest processing factory, YUPINZHEN's Pure De Yan purified bird's nest products are certified for their food safety standards and authenticity. The products are assured to be free from harmful chemicals such as nitrites and bleaches, and are scientifically rid of microbial pathogens, including the bird flu virus. These products can be purchased at

Instant Bird's Nest (75ml)

These handy jars make great gifts or as instant treats - just pop open, drink at any temperature and enjoy

Concentrated Bird's Nest (30ml)

Pre-cooked in concentrated form, the 30ml jars are convenient and handy to carry around town or store in your luggage to enjoy while travelling.

Concentrated Bird's Nest (150ml)

Pre-cooked in concentrated form and available in two packaging sizes - eat a spoonful straight from the jar or stir into sweet desserts or savoury dishes.

Dried Bird's Nest

Processed and purified using Gene Oasis' cutting-edge technologies, soak and cook these dried bird's nest according to your liking.

Freshly-Cooked Home Delivered Bird's Nest (served warm)

YUPINZHEN's cooked bird's nest is now available for home delivery service! Served warm in an elegant porcelain bowl, it comes with a pressure-valve lid and a timer to preserve its freshness. The bowl and lid can be reused to store and serve other food in the future.

Golden Yan Technology

Bird's Nest Extract and Bird's Nest Extract with Golden Flakes Capsules

Golden Yan birds nest consists mainly of glycoproteins, peptides, amino acids, carbohydrates, fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6), and minerals.

Glycoproteins in bird nest are high in molecular weight and are difficult to be absorbed by the body.

We use our proprietary technology to breakdown these large glycoproteins into smaller molecular size which is proven by our research to be able to be absorbed up to 1000 times more efficiently by the body. Our proprietary technology also removes any trace environmental contaminants such as nitrates to non-detectable levels in the final product.

Benefits of using Golden Yan Technology

Activation of stem cells and age rejuvention

Neutralising coronaviruses and protection against flu, fever and cough

Revitalising skin layers and contribution to suppleness and firmness of skin

Locking-in moisture into the skin so that it remains hydrated and youthful

Reducing arthritic inflammation and pain, improving mobility and strengthening bones

Prevention of sagging skin layers and reduction of wrinkles

Accelerating cornea wound healing

Moisturising alveolar sacs and strengthening lungs

Accelerating brain and nerve cell growth and development in children and infants

Slowing down the rate of dementia and decreasing the likelihood of Parkison's disease

50 GO!

Are you reaching 50 years young? Even if you are not, our latest product will be able to interest you.

For Men, the risk of impotence rises with age.

For Women, mid-life crisis involves many challenges/difficulties due to hormonal imbalance. It leads to weight gain, loss of bones and muscular mass, digestive disorders and emotional problems.

50GO! Men's formula is specifically formulated on important and natural ingredients including Chinese precious medicinal herbs to strengthen men's active and good healthy lifestyles. The active ingredients in this product include Maca powder, bird nest extracts, deer velvet, royal jelly, etc.

50GO! Women's formula is specifically formulated with key nutrients to meet women's nutritional needs. It also helps with detoxification, boost energy level and support normal cognition and balanced mood. The active ingredients in this product include bird nest extracts, evening primrose, aloe vera, panax ginseng, etc.

To eat all the individual active ingredients separately would have been a huge challenge and cost a bomb. 50GO! line of products consolidate the health benefits of all the active ingredients through proprietary biotechnological processes and offer a convenient and modern lifestyle of consuming them in a magical capsule form.

DF Yan Skin Care Line

Derma Formula - The Science of Beauty. Derma Formula products are created to optimise the balance between science and beauty.

The Beauty

Harnessing the natural goodness of Bird's Nest into our Yan skin care line, a complete range of skin care products dedicated to maintaining skin's youth and improving skin's radiance.

The Science

Only quality GOTFTM Bird's Nest Extracts are used in the development of Derma Formula Yan products. The use of GOTFTM Bird's Nest Extracts differentiates Derma Formula Yan Products from other brands of skin care products containing bird's nest extracts currently available in the market.

GOTFTM Bird's Nest Extracts

Extracts of Bird's Nest are cleaned and treated with quality assurance before using Gene Oasis Trypsinization Technologies (GOTTTM). This proprietary technology extracts peptidoglycans, glocoproteins, nanopeptides, amino acids and active factors out of raw Bird's Nest and breaks them down into smaller molecules that will increase human absorption level up to 1000 times better than the original bird's nest.