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About Us

Gene Oasis was founded in Singapore in 2000 by a group of scientists with a keen interest in food biotechnology. The focus of our business is in Bird’s Nest processing and its proprietary technologies/ Intellectual Property (IP). It is an innovative spin-off from its Research & Development in bioscience and biotechnology capitalizing on translating opportunities in the bioscience and biomedical industries. Our company’s main research interests were mainly in edible Bird’s Nest, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Extraction technologies of natural and organic products. With our proprietary bird nest, we hope that the Chinese worldwide will be able to enjoy legally imported, Singapore products, instead of what existing industry standards can provide. In 2015, our scientists successfully extracted bird’s nest bioactive and this proved to be an excellent business opportunity which led to the start of our group of businesses. This great discovery was put up for intellectual property protection, and till today we have numerous patents granted in various territories around the world.

Our Company

Gene Oasis is repositioning itself as a technology incubator, developer and technology investor. With the range of Patented technologies that we possess, we are expecting a unicorn listing: Gene Oasis Bioscientific in US and Dubai within 2 years time.


Currently, we are diversifying our business to include a wide range of products and services including stem cell therapy, iPSC Cell banking services, RNA and DNA testing. We are invested in searching for solutions to solve today’s major health challenges: Diabetes, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Heart Dieases etc and a few of the companies in our groups are currently undergoing clinical trials for various cancers and diseases.

Science Lab

Our Vision

To be the complete business ecosystem for the biological space, where research commercialization, market capitalization and global impact on  humanity enhancement and sustainability all thrive as one.

Our Mission

To commercialize good biotechnological and biopharmaceutical inventions and innovation into global business champions so as to create great unmet values in the precision fields of food sustainability, predictive healthcare, epigenetic programs, preventive medicine and prescriptive biotherapeutics.

In The Lab

Why Choose Us


High Quality Processing Capabilities

High quality Edible Bird's Nest (EBN) processing in line with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


Research & Development Advisory

Standardisation in food safety, licensing and permits as well as education and training in the BioSciences and Bird's Nest industries.

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Sate-of-the-art Manufacturing Facilities

Unparalleled rigorous and transparent standard operating procedures coupled with state-of-the-art facilities.


Best Sources & Supply

Only the highest quality of Bird's Nest from the best sources of the best value .


Extraction Technology

Extracts, Bio-pharmaceutical nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products

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