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Dr Lim Kah Meng (CEO and Founder)

Dr Lim Kah Meng has dedicated a large part of his research focus on molecular biomedicine and for mthat govern and regulate cellular pathways leading to cellular homeostasis and wellbeing. He has been credited as the ‘Father of Molecular Edible Bird Nests’. He has filed more than 29 patents on the extraction processes for the bioactive molecules including immunological active bio-molecules from edible bird nests. Dr. Lim is also known in this region to be the “Father of Molecular Placenta’ where he has successfully developed highly popular products for the commercial world based on placental stem cell extracts. He has since diversified into stem cell research including products or platforms based on induced pluripotent stem cells for personalized aesthetics and therapeutics for acute illnesses such as diabetes, psoriasis and dementia. Dr. Lim has also published a paper documenting successful clinical cases for 9 cancer patients in Singapore using high dose intravenous vitamin C. Dr Lim is also deep into biomedical research for neuroscience. He has filed for at least 5 patents related to cannabinoids, specifically on medical cannabis but not exclusive to just neurological functions, optimising bioactive compounds. Dr. Lim’s most recent researches is in successfully using micro RNAs as the next generation diagnostic markers for most cancers and chronic diseases detection. Commercially, he has successfully developed and invested in at least 7 potentially unicorn start-up companies and as an accomplished scientist and established business leader, he was also the recipient for the Singapore award of the 10 outstanding young persons of the world in 2012. Dr. Lim joined the Singapore PainCare Holdings Ltd as an Independent Non-executive Director in March 2021 and at the same time, serves as an Honorary Advisor of the World LIM Chamber of Commerce, more than 20 years, he has fervently pursued his scientific interests on bioactive molecules.

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Dr Low Wong Kein

Our Co-Founder, Dr. Low Wong Kein, MBBS (Singapore), PhD (Singapore), FRCSG, FRCSEd, DLORCSEng, FAMS(ORL), GradDip (Acupuncture), has been an Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) specialist with 25 years of experience and specialises in treating ear disorders. He has also obtained the following qualifications during his illustrious career:

Adjunct Associate Professor at the NUS-Duke Graduate School

Visiting Consultant to Singapore General Hospital (SGH)

Director of the Centre of Hearing and Ear Implants

A nominee for National Outstanding Clinician in the inaugural National Medical Excellence Award (2008)

Visiting Specialist to KK Women's and Children's Hospital

Performed more than 500 cochlear implant surgeries including the first pediatric cochlear

Research findings and clinical experience (70 publications, mainly in international journals/books)

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in modern ENT practice (Diploma in Acupuncture)

He also served as:

A founding member of the ASEAN Academy of neurotology and Audiology

Director of Singhealth's ENT Residency Program

Chairman of Singapore's Specialist Training Committee

President of the Singapore Otorhinolaryngology Society

President of the Singapore Association for the Deaf

Dr Leong Wai Fook

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-PhD in Virology

-Senior Research Fellow in Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (6 Years)

-Senior Research Fellow in Singapore Bioimaging Consortium (1 Year)

-Senior Research Fellow in Clinical Imaging Research Centre (2 Years)

-Laboratory Manager in SingHealth Clinical Pharmacology (6 Years)

-Senior Research Fellow in Singapore Immunology Network (1 Year)

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Novanne Seah (Director of Operations)

Novanne has an impressive record at Alpha Laboratories (NZ), one of the largest Nutri-pharmaceutical manufacturer in Asia Pacific and the largest health product manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere, especially for soft gel capsules. While she was there for 5 years, she was an accomplished account manager and managed the South East Asian region when she achieved consecutive annual turnovers of NZD50 million. She then subsequently moved over to the Singapore renowned Gene Oasis group (biomedical group) and has been there as operations director since 10 years ago. She also concurrently holds directorship positions at Zenzic Labs, an emerging Singapore stem cell manufacturing group and Green Oasis Therapeutics, an innovative Biotherapeutics Group, which focuses on pre natal and post natal biomedicine and related health products. She is also the Chairman of ER Therapeutics, a listed Group in China, focusing on Endoplasmic Reticulum Biomedicine and related health products.

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